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A security company research about hacking of Bluetooth has discovered a malware who hack your any device which have Bluetooth. It is very highly unsafe to leave Bluetooth on all the time. Hacker are not restricted to only your mobile, even they can hack your computers, laptops, smart televisions, speakers and car audio systems. The […]

What’s new in Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

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On September 21, 2017
Samsung Galaxy is amazing series and now they have recently launched Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus. Do you know what’s new in Samsung Galaxy S8 and in S8 Plus? We will try to explore new features of new Galaxy. They also have improved the camera result more. Galaxy S7 camera result is also unbeatable. […]
Today I am going to tell you why teenage and depression relates with each other. First of all am telling you what is depression. Depression is the state of bad mood and the activities that effect the person mood, feeling, and the sense off well being. In a depression a person feel hopeless and lose […]
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