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Yesterday, a huge earthquake were in Mexico City and 7.1 magnitude was recorded on Richter Scale. 225 people we re dead and a lot of people are still missing. The US Geological Survey predicts up to 1 to 10 billion economic damage as a result of the earthquake. The center of earthquake were in southwest […]

Switch from iPhone to android phone

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On September 19, 2017
Everyone likes iPhone more as compare to android phone. But nowadays demand of android phone is also increased day by day. How easy to Switch from iPhone to android phone. Before giving the answer of this question I will tell you why we are restricted to iPhone? Operating System (OS) Difference There are many things which […]
I’m struggling hard to find the best solution for improve social media for your business. I actually looked up like these same sort of question on internet.   First of all, we should not leave the empty space on any platform. We must create accounts for our business on all major social media platforms like […]
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