How to become Facebook famous hack?

Become Facebook Famous Hack

Everyone wants to become famous because with fame you can also earn money. Here I am going to share how to become Facebook famous hack. There are many ways to become famous, some trick are free and some are paid. I have discussed free techniques and tricks in following articles.

1) How to get 5000 friend request on Facebook 

2) Increase Facebook Page Likes Free More then 30K

Here I am showing paid way to get famous and these tricks are used by many famous personalities and many companies. These trick is real and never be harmful for your account and content.

Facebook Advertising Strategy

First of all, you need to create a best content which you think people like most. Nowadays people are creating new and latest videos. There are many type of video, some are based on real scene and in some video you can act by yourself in videos. In future I will show you how to create best video because many people do not know how to create it. Due to your video you can also get negative fame. I do not recommend for negative fame.

After creating best content, share your content on your already created Facebook page. You can find boost button where you can get instant views, likes and shares on your videos or on your content. Following are the example of instant boost result.

Boost Post Facebook Result
Boost Post Facebook Result

Here you can see, you can get 17,000 people reached on your post in just $5. If your content is heavily demanding or people like your content then these number of people will increased by X number. X will be depend on your content quality. 😉


Promote Your Content/Videos on Other Facebook Pages

This is another paid way to get promoted your content/videos. Cost of promotion will be depend on number of likes on page where you want promote your content.

There are many ways to get content promotion on other pages but here I am showing only two way.

First, you can directly contact to your desire page where you want promote your content and you can also negotiate the price.

Other, you can find many listing about promote content on Facebook pages on Fiverr website and price is very cheap start from only 5$.

I hope you like my this article. Your Feedback and suggestions are very helpful for me.

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