Buying Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on EMI this Diwali

A smartphone that was launched last year, but is still ruling the market is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is offered by the Korean multinational, which is a global name for electronic gadgets and appliances. We all know how famous Samsung is in its target industry. Hence, the popularity of this particular smartphone is not that surprising.

Buying Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on EMI this Diwali
Buying Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on EMI this Diwali

A lot of people already have their hearts and minds set on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, they do not know about its full potential. Even if you read through the specifications for a moment, you will never be able to understand in depth about its features. It is because there are so many of them included.

For people who are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on EMI this Diwali or anytime soon, we have created an article on its review. This post will highlight all of its specifications in a more detailed manner.

1. Display quality

The first thing that you notice in a smartphone is its screen and its size. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers a 6.3-inch screen, which is one of the biggest in the industry. The benefit of having such a big screen is that it allows you to enjoy watching movies and videos, just like you would do on your television. The resolution of the Note 8 is also quite high and is specified at 1440 x 2960 pixels. With the help of this feature, you will enjoy ultimate brightness while using your smartphone.

2. Storage capacity

The storage capacity of a smartphone can never be compromised. The more expensive the smartphone is, the better storage one requires to take full advantage of the gadget. The internal storage in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 64GB. However, for users who require even more space, there is a way of increasing the same. You can quickly expand the storage up to 256GB with the help of a microSD card. It means you can save as many multimedia files and images as you wish.

3. Camera quality

The other great feature which has been praised a lot in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is it camera specification. The rear camera of the smartphone is of 12-megapixels, and it allows you to capture professional images or videos. The rear camera even comes with LED flash to adjust the light issues. On the other hand, the front or selfie camera of the Note 8 is of 8-megapixels. Although, there is no front flash you will still be able to capture images, which are bright and clear. Besides, the camera of the Note 8 is ranked very high as per different reviews available over the web by experts.

4. Speed and chipset

The chipset which has been used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the Exynos 9 Octa 8895. It is one of the most current chipsets which has been used for processes all around. Apart from this, the speed of the phone is also quite good. The processor speed is 1.7GHz Octa-Core, which means you will be able to multitask on your smartphone without lagging. The combination of the chipset and the speed both make for an ultimate pair, which can make any smartphone rank high on performance.

5. RAM and operating system

Lastly, the RAM that you get in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 6GB. It is enough for opening five or more applications at once, without compromising the speed of your smartphone. Moreover, the Note 8 is an Android device, which uses 7.1.1 Operating System. The skin of the software is Samsung Experience 8.5, making it one of the latest technologies available in the market. Overall, this Samsung smartphone is a treat for buyers.

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