Create best video through mobile phone or simple camera?

Create best video through mobile phone or simple camera

Creating Video with Your Mobile Phone or with Simple Camera

Everyone wants fame and that is the reason people making thousands of videos in a days. They are also earning money with the help of YouTube or through their own blogs. If you create best video through mobile phone or simple camera, you can get fame on different social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. Their are many ways to promote your video on social media but first you need a good quality video for promotion.

Create best video through mobile phone or simple camera
Create best video through mobile phone or simple camera

Here I will show you basics techniques to improve or create high quality videos.

A Good Quality Camera

First of all, you need a good quality camera and nowadays almost all mobile have 12 megapixels plus cameras which are consider a good quality.

Select A Good Location

Good location always play vital role in your video because some time you just share a good and beautiful locations in the form of video, you can a handsome amount of views on your videos.

Lights on Focused Object

Make sure that your focused object get good amount of light. If light is good, your video result automatically become better. You need to keep your object always on opposite side of light for good result.

Sound Quality

Most of out door scene, you can not get good quality of sound. For this purpose, you need to shoot video separate and record the sound for video in quite place.

Video Editing

At the end, video editing is the essential part of make video because without video editing you cannot get professional result. It is hard part but by time by time your editing expertise will be refine and here also you can mix the video with your separate created sound.

After creating video you can share on YouTube for get earning and share on Facebook for get fame.

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