How to get 5000 friend request on Facebook

Get 5000 friend request on Facebook
Get 5000 friend request on Facebook

Here is the question that can I get 5000 friends in a night on Facebook ? Yes Guy, anyone can Get 5000 Facebook friends in one night. We are always trying to share new and usefull tricks with you. Today I am sharing this amazing trick on our blog. With the help of this trick you can easily get more than 5000 Facebook friends request in one night. Its very easy and simple method.  There are many methods on the internet, but many of these are not working and some methods are spam and harmful for your account. This method is safe and you will never find this method on the internet. This technique I got through by my personal experience.

Get 5000 friend request on Facebook
Get 5000 friend request on Facebook
Can Anyone Earn money with Facebook?
Yes it is true that many people are earning money through Facebook. Because they have many likes on their page or many friends on their account. Many companies want to promote there product on online and social media is the best, therefore you can earn money by promoting any company’s product.
1) First of all creat new account with a good name and biography.
2) Make sure that everything is public to the others.
3) Enables Follows options in Facebook.
4) Add profile picture and make complete profiles.
5) Add at least 100 those people how has more then 1000 friends.
That’s it, Now you will getting more then thousand friends request. Add them and you’ll get more friends request.
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