What is New in Apple’s iPhone X?

New features of Apple’s iPhone X

Nowadays, every mobile company try to give entire screen of their mobile phone models. Apple’s vision is also to create an iPhone that is entirely screen as like iPhone X. Apple’s iPhone new series are also becoming more and more intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice, and even a glance.

It is very hard to Switch or Upgrade your mobile phone. On tenth-anniversary of Apple, they have made most amazing and stunning iPhone X which cover all of the phone’s best features and Its can help you to upgrade or switch your mobile phone.

Super Retina Display

First time, Apple’s introduce OLED display and Super Retina Display makes it looks mind blowing. 5.8 inches screen have a pixel density of 458 ppi with a 1,000,000:1 color ratio. Screen light adjustment is adjust with the help of temperature and its give true tone.

No Home Button

There is no Home Button on screen. You can use different gestures to operate and perform iPhone X home button functionalities.

For home screen, swipe up from bottom and again swipe up from bottom to open app switcher.

Due to no home button, Apple is able to make entire screen for display.

iPhone X metrial

Sturdy glass and stainless steel are used in iPhone X for giving astonishing look and stainless steel are polished to match the phone color.

Face identification

Face identification of Apple give you extreme result and security. Apple use eight cameras and sensors to make full proof face identification security and its makes 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face.

Even its can work if you wear glasses or you change your hair or grow beard. You do not need to worried about low light because infrared technology is also included.

Face identification can be used for unlocking phone, Apple pay and with third party applications.

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode gives you optimal results because of new portrait lighting feature. Even you can get best and same results with rear and front cameras.

iPhone x Portrait Mode
iPhone x Portrait Mode

That is the reason, you can take selfies in portrait mode with your iPhone X front camera.

iPhone Wireless Charging

At the end, iPhone X supports Qi wireless charging which means you can use existing equipment for charging. With new wireless charging mat you can charge almost all Apple device i.e. iPhone, Apple watch and Airbods at all the same time on one mat.

iPhone X Wireless Charging
iPhone X Wireless Charging

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