Best & New Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

There are so many companies, whose main aim is to use research and data for guiding social media strategy. So, whenever it is about finding the best Instagram (IG) strategy, turning towards social media studies might help you big time. There are so many studies involving the Instagram marketing from so many bigger companies. Some have analyzed top Instagram accounts and there are others, which have studied thousands of Instagram posts before coming to a conclusion. The studies comprise of tons of information, which are also your actionable Instagram marketing tips for business.

Best & New Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

You can follow some of the best ones just to match your goals lately.

The young audience from Instagram likes creative, current and useful content:

According to some of the reputed sources, largest IG user group in use comprises of people within 25 to 34 years of age, and that generally accounts for around 25.2% of US Instagram users.  This mark is then followed by 18 to 24 years, which will form around 21% of US IG users. Some of the other research centers have also looked into IG user’s demographics in the USA. They found that the use of IG is quite high among younger adults to the greater extent than Twitter, FB, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

In case the target audience is within 18 to 49 years of age, IG is a great platform for reaching out to your customers and engaging existing customers. Then you might not even have to buy real Instagram followers so soon. To help you out in this Instagram marketing tips and strategy, FB interviewed and surveyed over 12,000 young adults and teens and offered recommendations on ways to maximize the potential of IG for your business.

  • You have to show what makes your brand so special. In case you want to share the perspective that only your business can offer, you are likely to connect with young adults and teens on IG.
  • IG always prefers using beautiful visual content and often posts some high-quality content too. For engaging them, you need to create premium videos and images.
  • On the other hand, work hard to inspire the moment. Young adults and teens in the study described IG as current, useful and creative. So, they are highly expecting such variations in content from brands on IG.

Posting frequency is not proven to be that important as posting consistency:

The most common question in your mind right now is how often you should post on IG. Previously, it was found out that some of the major brands would post once or twice every day on Instagram. On the other hand, you have some others, who are posting 10 times every day without checking the significant fall in engagement.

A visual analyzing tool currently used more than 100,000 IG posts and provided the plausible explanation for premium posting frequency. The often you post on IG, the more followers, and likes you are about to gain. They have also found out that accounts posting over 7 times every week will get more likes and get the chance to grow the following level faster than any account, posting less than 7 times every week.

Best & New Instagram Marketing Tips for Business
Best & New Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

Furthermore, it has also been analyzed that the engaging accounting rates can increase posting frequency at the same time. They have often found that when accounts post more frequently, the engagement rate tends to hike up a bit. However, it does not mean you need to start posting multiple times daily. You should not actually. There are two major points in this regard for you to follow.

  • Your audience may not be used to see you posting several posts every day.
  • Moreover, you may not have the accurate time to create content and maintain its quality at the same time.

There is no such thing as universal best time for posting on Instagram:

After rounding up multiple studies, it can clearly be stated that there is no such universal best time for posting on Instagram. The studies have further provided some extra ideas on findings.

  • According to the Huffington Post, the best time to post on IG has to be from 2 am to 5 pm.
  • In terms of Marketing Profs, the best engagement time is from 1 to 2 pm
  • Then you have a note from CoSchedule, which states that 2 pm is the best time for driving some traffic towards your IG account

There have been some other researches too where multiple timings have been mentioned for posting on IG. If you combine all the studies together, you can come to one solution. You can post contents on weekdays from 5 to 6 pm and 8 pm on Mondays; the sweet spot every day has to be 6 pm. Now, if you think that there is no universal time to post on IG, then when will you do it? For that, you can use some tools like Buffer and Iconosquare, which will further help you to find the best time to post on IG by using its own IG Data.

You cannot ignore the importance of Instagram stories:

There are some interesting statistics on Instagram stories, which everyone needs to be aware of. You better get some knowledge on those statistics, before moving further with this sector.

  • IG stories are said to generate around 35% more views on average for brands when compared to Snapchat stories.
  • Moreover, one out of five IG stories, as posted by businesses, will receive that direct message reply.

Whenever some tools want to study the effect of IG stories on the engagement value of Instagram posts, they asked about the potential to thousands of IG users. It was found out that within a 3 weeks’ time, around one-quarter of IG users have ditched usual IG activity in favor of just watching stories. The shift in this attention leads to falling in engagement on IG posts. Engagement rate will only evolve with the addition of IG stories.

For some more details on this story and even other actionable Instagram marketing tips for Instagram account holders, do not forget to cover your part of research too.

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