Instagram – The Best Social Network for Engagement

The popularity of Instagram has been rocketing steadily since its debut in the year 2010. With millions of active users monthly, it has now gained the position of the second best social media network. It has been seen that over the years the marketers prefer Instagram in comparison to other platforms for marketing their products. There is a reason as to why Instagram is the best social networking platform for engaging more and more customers.

Given below is a list of reasons as to why Instagram is the best at engaging with the audience.

Instagram – The Best Social Network for Engagement

Mobile Functionality

The first and most important reason is that people can carry Instagram anywhere along with them provided that they have their smartphones. You can use this platform without any hassle even when you are moving constantly.

This platform is mobile exclusive and allows you to edit your images while you are moving from one place to another. This helps in providing a unique experience, which is responsible for attracting more people.

Visual nature

Human beings have a unique quality of gathering information and interpreting it after viewing it visually. This is an important reason as to why marketers are using visual marketing to gain the attention of their customers. Insta perfectly appeals to this visual nature. The news feed is filled with images or videos, which makes it interesting and inviting.

Instagram - The Best Social Network for Engagement
Instagram – The Best Social Network for Engagement

Marketers can now upload the images of their products, which will enable the customers to understand the nature of the products that they are looking for. This is an important marketing strategy that is being used by several big and small marketers all across the globe.


Instagram is considered to be a departure from the other social networking sites that include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and the reason behind this is the simplicity of the app. It has performed superbly in attracting a number of young audiences, making the majority of users less than 30 years of age.

Instagram possesses an energy, which the old social networking sites have started to lose over all these years. Insta followers can use to get real Instagram likes on their posts.


Instagram caters to a group of interesting audience. It can offer posts that are publicly available but has the capability of controlling spam in a much better manner. Insta is not limited to only a single social function as compared to LinkedIn, which is used only for building a professional network. This helps in maximizing the potential customer base of Instagram, thereby allowing people to interact in a better manner.

How to Create Engagement on Instagram

If you are interested in getting engagement from the content that you have posted, you can consider the following strategies.

  • Your image has to be strong in order to stand out. For this, it is important to learn the basic skills of photography.
  • Insta is not the place for heavy engagements. Ensure that the posts are concise as well as light.
  • Try to reward the followers by providing exclusive content, freebies, or discounts on different occasions.


Instagram is getting a lot of love from all around the world and there is no indication of the popularity being lost anytime soon. If you are a business looking for customer engagement, Insta is the perfect place for you.

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