9 Extreme Weight Loss Tips for Shape Your Body

Shedding those extra pounds is just half the battle. Your fitness goals should always involve getting in shape. More importantly, it involves maintaining the weight you achieve after consistent hard work. Cutting carbs and daily cardio won’t be much help in this endeavor. You need to go the extra mile. Here we are going to discuss 9 extreme weight loss tips for shape your body.

What if we tell you, it is easier than it sounds!

9 Extreme Weight Loss Tips for Shape Your Body

You need the right ideas up your sleeves. So, here we are with nine great ideas to keep your weight under control and body in shape.

9 Extreme Weight Loss Tips for Shape Your Body
9 Extreme Weight Loss Tips for Shape Your Body

1) Know Your Enemy

Fitness is a huge commitment. Once you have committed yourself to a healthy and fit lifestyle, you can’t let yourself sway. So, you need to identify the triggers that lead you off track. It could be going out with certain friends or on a vacation. Anything that brings your bulge back is your enemy. Know your enemies and stay away from them even if means a drastic shift in your lifestyle.

2) Know Your Hero

Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Ronda Rousey, Jillian Michelle, Channing Tatum – we all have our body goals. Keep in mind that they are real people. Most of them don’t even need a lot of editing to appear on magazine covers. That’s because they work hard to achieve that enviable body. Follow heroes who are living examples of how a healthy lifestyle can make a real difference. Follow them on social media and get inspired every day.

3) Cheat Wisely

Cheat days aren’t exactly ‘eat all you want’ days. They mean you can indulge in a few delicacies you typically avoid. You can eat carbs. In fact, some carbs are good for your health. You can even have your favorite pasta or pizza but in a measured portion. However, you should still avoid sugar as much as possible. Sugar will not leave your system as soon as the cheat day is over. It will linger there.

4) Train for Strength

Cardio is good for your wellbeing. Yoga will make you flexible. Both aerobic and Pilates will help you stay lean. But nothing will get you in shape like sweat-breaking strength training. One of the main reasons people regain the pounds they shed is because they underestimate the power of lifting weights. You can start with smaller weights but gradually increase as you get used to the routine. Strength training also keeps you from hitting a weight loss plateau too soon.

5) Add Variety

It’s easy to get bored with routine, be it your diet or exercise. Change is good and variety adds flavor. It keeps you from getting bored with your healthy choices. Be sure to change your exercise routine every now and then. It won’t just keep things interesting; it will also make it more effective. Your mind and body will thank you for not dragging them through the same old drill. Even with your diet, try new recipes and treat yourself at a restaurant that serves healthy options.

6) Stay Stress-free

Stress can be a major obstacle in your weight loss journey. Having a bad mood can kill your motivation and will. Look around and identify stressors that bring you down. Stay away from all kinds of negativity. Cut off negative people and surround yourself with those who support you. Hang out with friends who can inspire or the ones you can inspire. Also, try to eat natural food that can enhance your serotonin level. Treat yourself with dark chocolate; it does wonders for a stressed-out mind.

7) Use Waist Trainers

Getting in shape is all about losing the fat and gaining muscle in the right place. Ideally, every woman wants an hourglass figure and every man wants a wineglass physique. One thing that is similar in both the shapes is a slim waist with no bulge or fat. Waist trainers can play a dramatic role in helping you get the desired shape. They keep fat off your waist. It is hailed by many known celebrities including the Kardashian clan.

8) Reward Yourself

Do you reward yourself for getting closer to your body goals? You should! It doesn’t have to be a cheat day. Go for something more pampering such as a day at the spa or a simple retail therapy at the mall. It is best to set smaller milestones, like losing 5 pounds, or 2 inches. Every time you achieve a milestone, reward yourself. If you have a strong support system, ask them to decide the rewards for you. Motivations such as these keep you committed to your goals.

9) Sleep Properly

Last, make sure your body gets the right amount of rest to recover from the work you put it through at the gym. Exhausted mind and body won’t take exercise well. Work out without proper rest will keep inflicting damage to your muscles. With a proper diet plan and a regular exercise routine, your body will need proper sleep to replenish the energy levels for the next day’s work out.

With these nine ideas, you will find it easier to control your weight and stay in shape without losing your motivation and energy. Follow the right path and you will hit your goals much easily and quickly. Best of luck.

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ZyanaMorris is a passionate blogger who loves to write on Technology and health & fitness related topics. Currently, she is associated with HourGlass, a fitness gear provider.

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