E liquid Diversity Is Causing the Confusion around Vaping Health

The argument about vaping health is fierce, and includes health professionals, consumers, businesses, and scientists on both sides. Anyone entering the debate on either side will find plenty of medical and scientific support, which can seem very confusing for a newcomer trying to make sense of the issue.

The secret to understanding this debate is understanding your e-juice. Vaping has been unequivocally shown not to have the same harmful effects as cigarettes, but experts strongly disagree over what health effects, if any, vaping does have. This is not because either side is acting in bad faith. Rather it’s because vapers can have very different experiences depending on the types of e-liquids they use.

E liquid Diversity Is Causing the Confusion around Vaping Health
E liquid Diversity Is Causing the Confusion around Vaping Health


Not all E-liquids are created equal

E liquids can contain a wide variety of ingredients, and it’s important for vapers to do their research to know what they’re putting into their bodies. Studies have shown that e-juices containing diacetyl, acetoin, and acetyl propionyl have potential health risks with prolonged use. Moreover, some flavorings that are considered safe for consumption aren’t necessarily safe for vaporization and inhalation.

Cinnamon flavors, as well as some mint flavorings have been found to irritate lung tissues, and to cause respiratory issues. Opponents of vaping often seize on these findings to condemn vaping in general. Advocates, on the other hand, simply see it as a natural part of the process of developing safer and more enjoyable products.

E liquids are improving every day

As time goes on, e-liquid producers will continue to develop better, healthier e liquids. Being able to control the ingredients used, after all, is the biggest advantage of vaping. Knowing this, it’s very likely that e-liquids will continue to improve, and that any potential adverse health effects will be minimized over time. Moreover, it means that those effects will continue to be better understood, as manufacturers themselves will want to study their own products to maximize long-term customer satisfaction.

Nicotine Free E-liquids

The primary benefit of switching to vaping for former smokers is the immediate improvement of their respiratory health. Since vapor doesn’t contain tar, or most of the other harmful chemicals contained in smoke, it quickly allows the body to recover, and allows former smokers to breathe easier, exercise better, and reduce their risk of respiratory diseases. Most e liquids, however,do contain nicotine, which has its own known impacts on a user’s long-term cardiovascular health. For people who are trying to eliminate this risk as well, and for non smokers who want to vape without nicotine, e liquid manufacturers offer a wide range of nicotine-free e liquids.

Ultimately, this means that vapers already have the ability to make informed decisions and to minimize any health impacts through their choice of e-liquids. The key for new vapers is to be educated about the options available to them.

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