How to Lose Weight? 6 Gym Tips and Stay In Shape

We all know that one person in the gym who doesn’t seem to lose an inch or gain a muscle despite all the hard work. Sometimes, that person is us. We look at people who are shedding pound after pound and wonder why life is so unfair to us. This kills all the motivation we took so long to gather. There is definitely something we are not doing right. Then there is a question How to Lose Weight?

One thing you need to understand is that going to the gym doesn’t warrant getting in the shape you always wanted. Yes, it is a place where miracles happen, but you have to earn them. And you gotta earn them smartly.

You must go to the gym with a realistic goal and a proper plan. You can’t expect to just get on the treadmill and see the results just like that. You need to figure out what works and doesn’t work for you. You also need to avoid some common mistakes that can impact the outcome of your hard work.

How to Lose Weight? 6 Gym Tips and Stay In Shape

To make your gym-going experience more rewarding and result-oriented, we are sharing six tips that can help you lose weight and stay in shape much efficiently. So, let’s have a look.

How to Lose Weight? 6 Gym Tips and Stay In Shape
How to Lose Weight? 6 Gym Tips and Stay In Shape

1) Go Beyond Cardio

For a gym newbie, cardio might seem like a complete workout. While it is better than not moving from your couch, it isn’t the exercise that will help you get in that ideal shape.  According to celebrity trainer Ben Bruno, cardio is just like the side dish. It is important, but it is not your main workout. It is important to add strength and resistance training to the mix. No matter your ultimate goals or ideal shape, you need more than your body weight to help you get there.

Most fitness experts believe that cardio should be reserved for the end of the workout. Cardio elevates your heartbeat. You will feel exhausted if you lift after cardio.

2) Lift Heavier

You might think that your body weight is enough to get you in shape, but it isn’t. Do you know even the slimmest lingerie models lift weights? And there is nothing wrong with challenging yourself with heavier than you have lifted before.

As a matter of fact, fewer reps with higher weights can help you lose weight much faster and will strengthen your muscles. However, do that in conjunction with more reps with lower weights. You will soon discover a combination that works best for you.

For starters, it is best to deal with your fear of weights by adding just a bit of weight to your regular lunges and sit-ups.

3) Enjoy Your Workout

You cannot get the results unless you enjoy the workout. If your workout seems like too much of work, it means you are need of a new routine. You can do a lot to make your workout more enjoyable. Choose the right music, or visit the gym when your favorite people are likely to be there. It becomes even more enjoyable when you have a company you can enjoy.

Remember, why commitment is important, never commit yourself to the same routine just because it is too comfortable for you. That is when you stop seeing results. Consequently, you will lose your motivation and all your goals will be out of the window.

So, keep things exciting by changing your exercise. Try a combination of different sets, reps and even different rest times as well.

4) Connect With Your Muscle

When working out, are you able to tell what’s going on with the muscles? To get in shape, you need to connect to your muscle on a mental level.  Your focus should be on the muscle targeted by each workout and you should be able to tell how it is engaged with each movement.

Well-known personal trainer and physiologist, Pete McCall believes that focusing on the targeted muscle is the best way to get your muscles more involved in the workout. It is just like inviting them to play their part more efficiently. It also helps you keep a better form and prevents other muscles groups from taking over.

So, next time you are doing a squat, focus on your glutes and make sure it is the main muscle to remain engaged with each movement.

5) Fuel Up

Right diet and exercise go hand in hand. Since exercise demands a lot of energy, the right supplement before and during the workout can make a significant difference in your gains. If you want to lose more fat and gain more muscle during each workout, you gotta make sure you have the energy to take it that far.

Take a healthy amount of carbs, protein, and caffeine right before your workout to keep your energy level elevated during the workout. For those with a severe weight issue, antioxidants and fat burning hormones before a workout can greatly improve the results.

All the supplements aside, water is the most important fuel for your workout. Keep sipping water during your workout, especially when switching exercises, to avoid dehydration.

6) Use Compression Belts and Corsets

Almost all the celebrities use compression belts or waist trainers to expedite their workout results. These belts can help you achieve that perfect hourglass body or that wineglass physique with no belly fat to worry about.

Similarly, there are such products available for other problem areas such as butts and arms as well. You will be astonished by the difference a high-quality corset or compression belt can make. So, don’t think twice about investing in one.

With the right approach, you can get the max out of your gym workout. Follow the aforementioned tips and watch yourself getting in the shape you always desired.

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