Is Vapor Smoke Bad? Health Advice for Smokers

Due to the increased focus on the hazards of smoking tobacco, many people have taken to vapor smoke. The reasons can be different; to replace cigarettes, a method of quitting smoking, a new way of enjoying a kick or even to look cool. Regardless of the reason, it is really important not to make any mistake that can be a health hazard even as heated debates continue to run on how safe vaping actually is since neither is it FDA-approved nor are there adequate studies to truly establish the health risks. While the absence of tar in the vaping liquid does seem to indicate that the risk of cancer could be less, there are many other health risks like dry skin and mouth, rashes and allergies, dry/puffy eyes, itchiness, etc. that need to be considered.

Is Vapor Smoke Bad? Health Advice for Smokers
Is Vapor Smoke Bad? Health Advice for Smokers

Till such time research can establish the actual health hazards of vaping, there are a few vaping mistakes that you should take care to avoid:

Not Having Adequate Liquid in the Vaporizer 

Vaporizers work by using a hot coil to heat up the liquid and turn it into vapor. If you don’t have adequate liquid in the vaporizer chamber or don’t notice that it has become empty, you end up dry vaping that can result in your developing a burning sensation on the back of your throat. Since the entire function of the e-cigarette can be compromised due to the lack of enough liquid, all vapers should check the liquid level in the vaporizer to save themselves from discomfort.

Vaping Too High Nicotine-Level Liquids 

You can get vaping liquids with different concentration of nicotine and if you are a novice, it is all too easy to choose a liquid that is too strong and which may have an adverse reaction on you. If you are a casual smoker, you can harm yourself by selecting a liquid that’s too strong and end up consuming more nicotine than what you had wanted to. It is a good policy to start with liquids that have less nicotine in them and settle for one that gives you the desired satisfaction without the hazards.

Using Cheap Stuff 

It can be very tempting to opt for the more inexpensive brands of e-liquid and vaporizers since the habit of vapor smoke can be pretty expensive. However, cheap equipment is not necessarily a smart selection simply because they are liable to made out of cheap materials that can catch fire and explode causing serious injury. Also, there is the risk of cheap materials giving off noxious fumes that can be dangerous for your health. There have been also quite a few incidents where vaporizers have exploded as they were being recharged. It is a good idea to vape with brands that are more reputed to save from these dangers.

Using Modified Vaporizers  

Not only is it far easier to vape and inhale more nicotine than you had really intended to but you can easily end up smoking far too much if you are using a modified vaporizer. There are plenty of online resources that make available advanced vapes that can, however, deliver too much vapor, which can take you by surprise if you are new to vaping. It is, therefore, advisable to begin with a starter vape and then progress as you become more comfortable with the process and the nicotine intake.

Smoking More than Intended 

As the vapor produced by e-liquids is lighter than tobacco smoke, most smokers find it difficult to gauge the volume of vapor that they really want to inhale and end up smoking much more than they really want. The problem is compounded because in visual terms there is nothing much to differentiate between vapor and smoke unless you are blowing the special type of liquid that is designed to create vapor clouds. You also don’t have a packet of cigarettes in your hand that tells you how much you have actually smoked. If you are inhaling more than you really intend to, there is obvious fallout on your health due to the extra nicotine intake; so you need to be careful when you start so that you don’t overdo it.

Choosing an E-Juice That Is More Toxic

There is a very large variety of e-liquids available in terms of flavors, varieties, and nicotine strengths so you need to be really careful that you choose something that is not only to your liking but also not too toxic. You need to also find out the substance out of which, the e-juice has been manufactured; propylene glycerol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). While PG juices give you a more intense flavor, which can take some amount of adjusting for new smokers, VG juices are typically thicker and can more easily gum up the coils and ruin your vaporizer.

Not Keeping the Vaporizer Clean

Like in everything else in life, maintaining proper hygiene is essential to a healthy vapor smoke experience. Apart from the daily maintenance, you also need to have a weekly or monthly schedule of complete cleaning of the vaporizer; including inspection and replacement of the screens and tubes in the unit to ensure that the vapor you inhale is hygienic. Coils can become dirty or clogged very easily and you must ensure that you clean it regularly and replace it at periodic intervals. Make sure that you install the coil properly else you will end up dry-vaping. The more advanced your unit is, the more complex the coil is and, therefore, you need to maintain it really well.


Whatever is your motivation for vapor smoke, you need to make a slow start and adjust to the process so that you don’t overdo it. Vapor smoke is a relatively new concept that is yet to undergo extensive studies and trials, so there is not enough evidence to prove whether it is absolutely devoid of any health hazards, however, it is likely to be far safer than smoking tobacco. You also need to be careful when making your choice of the vaporizer and the e-liquid because there are so many varieties available and you don’t want to overdo things.

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