4 Trends of Social Networks you should know

4 Trends of Social Networks you should know about

The increase in Internet access worldwide is accompanied by an inevitable increase in social network users. Consistent with this reality, all global markets are experiencing greater presence of their consumers in social networks.

The consumers are there and the brands and businesses are there. Technology influences and modifies the way they connect and relate to each other. From this account, it is predicted that 2018 will be the year in which the organic scope ends up disappearing, video and artificial intelligence dominate.

4 Trends of Social Networks you should know
4 Trends of Social Networks you should know

Here are 4 trends of Social Networks you should know about:

1. From organic to payment

Ryan Holmes, founder and CEO of Hootsuite, says in the magazine Forbes, that for years companies with presence on Facebook have seen their organic reach decline to a minimum of 2%.

It can finally be said that the organic reach will eventually disappear. According to Holmes, this means that finally Facebook has become a payment platform for companies.

It is said, if you want to reach your audience you have to pay. That means that the investment will be worth it, provided you have your strategy well polished.

2. Social TV: TV-style programming on social networks

The consumption of video content is increasing. Added to this is the increasingly short attention span of all of us and the use of mobile.

Little by little, brands have been transitioning to becoming producers of video content. This comes with the increase of television-style programing on social networks.

One of the biggest experiments in this sense is starring WWE (World Wrestling Federation). The well-known professional wrestling matches were displayed on Facebook Live.

Of course, this type of program represents an extremely complex and expensive production, but many companies could start to make weekly programs with simpler productions. For some sectors, this opens a door to innovation in social media advertising and new ways to capture interactions.

Social Media Users
Social Media Users

3. AI domination

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, is still a topic that will reach its maximum potential in the future. However, it begins to offer practical tools to marketing.

For example: visual search engines are using machine learning to help consumers search through images instead of words, which could redefine the future of online product marketing.

Currently, there are more than 100 thousand active bots in Facebook Messenger. It is still unclear if customers are going to value these interactions without humans. Still, it is believed that by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be directed by bots.

The customer service surveys will also see a change in the use of artificial intelligence. In this article published by Martech Today https://martechtoday.com/value-applying-artificial-intelligence-display-advertising-199306, they talk about using AI and it’s impact on display Advertising. As mentioned in the article, AI will deliver personalized experiences which will increased engagement and ROI.

4 Trends of Social Networks you should know about
4 Trends of Social Networks you should know about

4. Increasing social influence

One of the biggest discussion around social networks was led by the use of “fake news” and the policies adopted by these platforms.

The trigger was related to the accusation made about the influence of Russia in the presidential elections in the United States, using profiles in social networks.

Trust within social networks is experiencing a worldwide crisis. This is not something that is limited only to politics, it also covers business.

This is how consumers are beginning to trust their peers more than experts, governments, academics, technicians or representatives of brands and businesses.

The influencers of 2018 will no longer be great  celebrities, but your neighbor, your co-worker or acquaintance who makes a recommendation. Genuine consumer communities and loyal employees will be even more valuable than ever.

How do you intend to take advantage of these trends in your social media strategy? Do you know any other that you would like to share? Leave a comment below.

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