A Guide To Zero-Click Searches And SEO In The New Era

What is Pi?
What is Pi?

A new phenomenon is growing in the world of search engine optimization, “Zero-click searches”.

With many new SERP features such as paid ads, media elements taking over the top positions, we observe that featured snippets, knowledge panels as emerging clear favorites.

Queries surrounding topics like currency conversions, time zones, word definitions and “how-tos”,are readily available.

However, as answer for many queries being promoted directly on the top of a Google Search results, nobody is clicking through the search results and reaching the website.

Most digital marketers label it as disparaging to SEO professionals and content creators.

A Guide To Zero-Click Searches And SEO In The New Era
A Guide To Zero-Click Searches And SEO In The New Era

The websites are now receiving fewer impressions, lower CTRs, and less organic traffic. So the issue here is how will the SEO professional lead the user to the website with users not clicking on the results?

Understanding Zero Click Searches

Understanding Zero Click Search
Understanding Zero Click Search

As discussed above, “zero-click SERP” are the results displayed directly at the top of a Google search result.

As you input the query, press enter – you get the answer.

The search intent of the user is satisfied without any click. Even the data exhibits that zero click searches are more popular on mobile and voice searches.

This could be because users are now looking for practical answers in real-time which is possible through these mediums.

Here is what Zero-click searches include –

Database searches – Queries that revolve around the date, time, time zones, currency conversions, age and name of famous people and brands.

Dictionary or Encyclopedia searches – Inquiries regarding the meaning of the certain word, definitions, “what is” queries etc.

Map searches – Local searches pertaining to things near you. For example restaurants near me, physical distance of location etc.

Is Google Scraping Your Content?

Is Google scraping your content?
Is Google scraping your content?

Google is adapting to new user search behavior and mobile usage limitations. Strange enough, 34.4 percent of all desktop searches and 62.5 percent of mobile searches result in no click.

A featured snippet simply pulls a short answer straight into the SERPs using the information they scour from your site to answer the user before any click can happen. Knowledge panels or Google instant answers work identically.

While these are great from a user point of view, it devises enough enigmas and predicaments for content creators and SEOs who rely on organic traffic to fuel their businesses.

You’ll have to conform to the fact that featured snippets, knowledge base and so on, are only benefitting Google apart from the users.

How to SEO For Zero-click SERPs

What is SEO?
What is SEO?

Coming straight to the point, let us explain you the strategies that we believe can help you be successful with No click searches –

Click Through Rates For Keyword Research

Any practicing SEO analyst will explain to you the need to factor in CTR (click-through rates).

Nevertheless, most SEO tools these days offer you CTR metrics.

For instance, Moz will render you the organic CTR score and Ahrefs can help you distinguish search volume with clicks and searches. This data is provided without clicks using their CPS (click per second) metric.

Whilst what we believe CPS is one of the most important metrics in keyword research that helps in identifying target keywords that will render the highest ROI.

Usually, SEO professionals vouch for search volume, keyword difficulty, and current rankings when selecting the right keywords. However, in 2019 we are focusing on CPS for keyword research.

In fact, this is a more reliable way to measure traffic potential in comparison to assessing search volumes alone.

Optimizing For Featured Snippets

Optimizing for Featured Snippets
Optimizing for Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are one of the most practical ways to gain more organic traffic without devising any new content or backlinks.

These can be created from the web pages that are already ranking on Page 1. Which means, no matter what, improving your ranking is critically important.

In fact, one blog from Ahrefs explained that Google is exhibiting a massive 12 percent featured snippets for all the search queries.

We have outlined a plan that you can follow in order to optimize for featured snippets –

Keyword Filtration – Get a ranking report for appropriate keywords and filter those which are currently ranking between 1 to 10 positions. Then again, filter those keywords who are already displaying featured snippet. The left keywords will be your high potential for winning featured snippet.

Rework the Pages – Once you have got the keywords that have the potential, you’ll need to rework the pages, so they can likely win as a featured snippet. For instance, you can rewrite the content for a short and precise answer to a relevant query you want to win. You can take inspiration from existing snippets, related queries in the bottom. You can also use Answer The Public to find relevant queries to your keyword or niche to know about the common questions people ask.

Ranking for Definitions & Explanations

Ranking for Definitions Explanations
Ranking for Definitions Explanations

If your target keyword is a definition, you should start your content by explaining what it means. This implies that you are making sure that user does not have to scroll all the way down for the definition and you start your answer with a concise and definite explanation for the query itself.

Once you are finished with a short and practical answer, you can add details, more erudition, and story-telling afterwards.

This approach is called “Inverted Pyramid Style” and is more popular with News media where the information bearers reproduce all the relevant data in the first paragraphs itself.

In the End…

Zero-click searches are no experiment or volatile elements as one would believe.

In fact, it is a high time that we should concede with Google’s new search reality where the user behavior is constantly changing with expansion in mobile device browsing and mainstreaming of voice search.

All we can do is upgrade our SEO strategies with the Google of Today.

If you want your website to rank among the featured snippet, you can reach our professionals at iMark Infotech for a thorough keyword research and update your content creation process.

Want to collaborate with us? Write to us on [email protected]

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