Fast SEO Ranking: No Such Thing

Fast SEO Ranking: No Such Thing

We all want it. Whether it’s our own website or our clients asking us for results NOW.  There is one thing that’s for sure… their is no quick SEO ranking results.

If an agency is promising you to quickly climb the ranks of Google, they are simply not telling you the truth, or they are performing what’s called Black Hat SEO. Which is something you should be extremely cautious about.

Gone are the days where you could rank very quickly in the search engines by utilizing a few tricks. Google today is more like a “human” with it’s Rank Brain algorithm layered upon their previous algorithms.

The metrics today that search engines use have the user in mind.  Some of those metrics include:

  • Average Time On The Page
  • Unique Visitors (the number of different people accessing a page, as opposed to visits, which can be from the same visitor from different devices).
  • CTR (Percentage of people that clicked on the link to arrive at your page).
  • Bounce Rate (number of visitors that leave a page).
  • Load Time (time it takes the web to display the content).

With all that said that begs the question…

Why is there no fast SEO Ranking?

By now we can start to get an idea of why there is no fast Search Engine Optimization. Google must monitor the behavior of many users on each and every page and assess its

ranking. That is why a page can take months to reach a certain position, which in turn can take up to a year.

Monitoring metrics such as the time the user stays on a page, unique visitors or the average load time takes months , especially in highly competitive sectors, with many pages to compare.

How long does it take a website to rank in Google?

The time it takes a website to rank in Google depends a lot on the SEO strategy and the competition. Unfortunately, a website can take up to a year to rank. Depending on many factors (i.e. site age, competition. etc)

Let’s give an example.  We set ourselves the goal of being on the front page of Google for “Adwords Management Vegas“, and we carried out the necessary actions to make it happen, but this sector and the combination of keywords in particular have fierce competition on the internet. There are many companies offering these services already. But we are projecting to get there in 10 months.

Unfortunately, we have to wait in line and keep working at it. The keywords that we can try to rank for are called “low hanging fruit” keywords. When using a keyword tool like Moz they will show up with a difficulty score around 20 (give or take). Those keywords are more easily rankable in a shorter amount of time.

Fast SEO Ranking
Fast SEO Ranking

The importance of a good and fast SEO ranking strategy

The competition can be beat in most cases with a great ranking strategy. In the case of our website, we would not have opted to position ourselves amongst other competitive keywords without reaching for low hanging fruit first. In the internet business, time is precious.

A great SEO strategy will determine which keywords provide sufficient traffic potential to our website to drive revenue while we wait for the rankings of the keywords we really wish to have.

Obviously, it is very important to follow guidelines for the implementation of SEO, as well as content that meets all the “theoretical” requirements of SEO, if it is not interesting it will not rank. Very interesting content has great search-friendly qualities to it.

The SEO attributes that must be implemented to favor good rankings are well known. We summarize them below:

  • Optimized title tag
  • Readable URLs
  • Header tags or headers (h2, h3, h4 …)
  • Main header (h1)
  • Images with ALT
  • Outbound Links
  • Internal links to pages within your website.
  • Adequate keyword density .
  • Interesting content

Alternative to SEO? SEM

A recommendation that we always make to our clients who expect fast Search Engine Optimization results are to carry out a pay-per-click advertising campaign in Google (AdWords) while your page climbs for each and every keyword. SEM is the real substitute for fast SEO. Increasingly, it will be necessary to combine the two in the long term, given that the search results give more and more prominence to the sponsored results.

Sponsored Adwords
Sponsored Adwords

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