How to increase website traffic via social media?

The social media platforms are used on a large scale today to generate direct and indirect traffic to a particular website. It is a very easy and effective way of generating traffic. Also targeting the desired audience and keeping them updated about the day-day business through page stories activities attracts more visitors to the website. Here we are going to discuss How to increase website traffic via social media?

Hence, social media marketing plays a very important role in bringing traffic and to a website. But in order to increase the traffic on your website, it is first necessary to generate good traffic on your business page.

How to increase website traffic via social media?

The following are ways in which you can generate good traffic to your website:

How to increase website traffic via social media?
How to increase website traffic via social media?

Studying and analyzing visitor’s interests:

In order to bring visitors to your page it is important that you first do your homework on what people like or what are the majority of visitor’s area of interest. If you need more followers for Instagram or Facebook or any other social media platform you need to write content about what your visitors like and not what you want your visitors to read.If the content or post is of visitor’s interest, they will be automatically redirected to your page and then to your website.

Problem-solving strategy:

Initially, when you are a new brand name in the social media and want to have cordial relationships with customers you can start by becoming a problem solver. Many people are asking for suggestions or solutions for various problems, and if these problems are related to your niche, you can help them with it. Also, you can keep sharing tips and tricks related to your niche on your website which will really be helpful for your visitors or early followers. This will build your brand’s trust factor in the visitors and built your goodwill.

Posting regularly:

It is a must to keep posting regularly on your page in order to stay in touch with your visitors on a daily basis. At least one post a week is needed to maintain your social media buzz. In case you fail to post regularly, the visitors may lose interest in your page, and your traffic will be directed somewhere else. Also, if you are not regular, your competitors might take advantage of this, and your business may be badly affected.

Easily shareable post:

Always see to it that whenever you put a post on your social media page, the post is easily shareable on all social media platforms. Do not keep your post private or limited to your followers only. If you keep your post private many targeted audiences may not be able to see your post, and even after all your efforts, your post can only reach a limited audience. Hence, make sure that unless it’s anything confidential your post should always be a public post and not limited to a specific audience.

Posting out of the box/Going viral:

If you want to get instant visitors or instant publicity, you have to work on making our post very creative and totally different from others. You can post some out of the box images/videos or some very funny post or share controversial information of famous people/brands (provided it’s true and has a strong base); this will help you go viral on social media and then you can gather unbelievable traffic on your website through this viral post.


Repost means sharing your or others post again on your page. Now you can repost your old posts or latest post of leaders in your niche and gain attention from new visitors. When you repost any latest post on your page regarding your niche or leading name in your niche, you hit the target on the right point as visitors are always looking for latest trending news /content, and you provide them with the same. Also, when you repost something about the leading brand in your niche do make use of popular hashtags related to it. People on social media generally use famous hashtags to find the trending news online.

Following people/Brands of your niche:

In order to grow business, it important to be connected to like-minded people. Hence following people of the same niche may help you in many ways such as: knowing their posting strategies, the level of competition in your niche, the latest trends in your niche, etc. Also, you will be able to keep track of your competitors and study their way of attracting followers. There are chances they follow you back, and this will help to maintain your social standard.

Linking social media platforms:

The other way of grabbing traffic is to link all your social media platforms with one another and make your post easily shareable. For e.g., you can add a link to your website and other social media platforms in the bio of your page. This makes it really easy for your visitors to find your brand easily on any particular social media platform. Some people may use all social media platforms while some use only a few this is the reason why it becomes necessary to use all social media links. Linking your social media tools will bring traffic from all social platforms to your website and won’t be limited or dependent only on the source.

Apart from the techniques mentioned above, there are various tips and tricks to use social media for generating traffic. But on the whole, you should be able to make the best use all social media tools and analyze what the visitor’s area of interest.

There are many others ways to bring organic traffic to your website such as: working on SEO keyword, understanding the search engine algorithms, designing a content strategy for all your post or blogs on your website, Pre-launching your website and making prior strategies to publish your site, making use of the right platform, etc. Professionals use these strategies on a daily basis in order to maintain and increase traffic on their site. To gather more traffic on a particular website, it’s also essential to follow new trends and make the changes or improvement in your strategies if needed.

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