Switch from iPhone to android phone

Switch from iPhone to android phone
Switch from iPhone to android phone

Everyone likes iPhone more as compare to android phone. But nowadays demand of android phone is also increased day by day. How easy to Switch from iPhone to android phone. Before giving the answer of this question I will tell you why we are restricted to iPhone?

Operating System (OS) Difference

There are many things which is due to operating system (OS). we are depended on operating system and very hard to use new operating system. Android user easily can change the company because there are many companies using Android operating system.

iPhone IOS
iPhone IOS

I am a software engineer and always trying to use new thing. That was why, I used iPhone 5 and before that I had an android phone. In starting, very hard to understand IOS and even always searched like as I used to search in android phone. Major difference was as following.

Application Switcher

In android phone you can easily switch apps by only one click but in iPhone you need to click home button twice for switching apps.

Setting Menu

I used to get setting menu swapping thumb from up to bottom but in iPhone very hard to remember to slide thumb from bottom to up because I used android phone first as smart phone.

Application Menu

In android phone, I used to get all application by touching bottom center of the phone screen but in iPhone, all application was on my home screen, which was very surprising.

Hardware Buttons

There was only one button on front screen of iPhone. I always used to find back button as I had used on android phone. In starting, I always got annoying to find back button on iPhone.


Above are main things which had created a lot of irritation because I used android phone first and it took around 1 month to used to use iPhone and android difference.

After around 6 months use of iPhone, I bought Samsung S7 Edge and I was forgotten all the setting of android phone and I was thinking iPhone was very easy to use.

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