Twitter has Increased The Character Limit for Tweets


Social media website Twitter has increased the character limit for their tweets and they have double the amount. Before that they have limit 140 characters per tweets and now you can tweets up to 280 characters per tweets.

Twitter has Increased The Character Limit for Tweets
Twitter has Increased The Character Limit for Tweets

Initially, this tweets limit is available for limited persons. Because some people do not complete their sentence in tweets and they need to write two tweets. These things are very frustrating for those people who need to write two tweets for completing their sentence.

Due to increasing the limit, Twitter can attract more people to their social media and nowadays they are facing downfall in their users. This social media product manager Alizabeth Reynen says that it is very hard to say something in one tweets with 140 limit. He also says that they have also seen Japaneses, Chinese and Korean languages characters where they can express many things in their one word. They also knows that people are now use to express their expression in 140 characters.

Twitter has completed their experiment of using 280 characters by using different their users and they have got positive results. CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has also used 240 characters for their tweets and he was very inspired by this new changing.

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