Best Smart Drugs that Make You Smarter : Nootropics & Modafinil

Gaining a competitive advantage over rivals is the only agenda for many individuals in the society today, and this has given a boost to the use of nootropics or modafinil or smart drugs across the world. There was a time when the use of drugs for performance enhancement was restricted among athletes only, but today it is a substance for daily use by many other people. Smart drugs are now the choice of millions who want to gain an advantage in performance in everyday situations, whether writing exams or giving presentations. What is the best smart drugs that make you smarter?

The rivalry for doing well in life is growing so intense that we are always trying to outsmart others in the competition. As a result, in many situations, the competition is driving people to the extreme and compelling them to adopt illegitimate and unethical methods to excel in their fields. That is evident from the doping scandals that rock the sports world especially athletics all too often. The question of the unethical use of drugs revolves around sports and yet not so relevant when raised in the context of the use of smart drugs by people in their daily lives.

Best Smart Drugs that Make You Smarter (Nootropics & Modafinil)

The craze for smart drugs

People are using smart drugs to boost mental performance, and the trend is rising worldwide. Today, people depend on performance-enhancing drugs to perform very common tasks like undertaking some negotiations, giving presentations, and taking examinations.  The drugs mostly belonging to the group of anti-depressants and beta blockers are cognitive enhancers that have the abilities to boost energy and mood thereby enabling people to work hard and perform better with less sleep.  The widespread use of smart drugs or nootropics like the ones you find on the site often gives rise to the debate about its ethical and safe use.

The recipe for better performance

When people seek substances to help them perform better, it means that they want to stay awake round the clock and acquire the ability to perform consistently with high energy levels. The smart drugs like modafinil which is a prescription drug used for the treatment of sleeping disorders and Ritalin or methylphenidate used for treating ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are the perfect choice that helps people to achieve more without sleep. The drugs increase the ability to concentrate with undivided attention and stay focused and awake. It also makes people more attentive. Therefore, you can well understand why people are so much reliant on these drugs.

Excellence is the last word

We are living in an era of knowledge economy when excellence at the workplace is the goal of every individual for which there is high demand for making brains more dynamic and flexible. Jobs have become much more demanding, and people have to be more adaptable and can make decisions that involve quite high risks or face the pressure of time. To succeed in such situations, people have to be more attentive, need good memory together with high level of planning and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to read and understand what others are telling. It is imperative to maintain motivation and demonstrate resilience in challenging situations, especially under stress to emerge a winner.

Widespread use and rising popularity

Over the years, various studies carried out to determine the growing demand for smart drugs have revealed that the use of drugs is spreading very fast cutting across geographical boundaries. The journal Nature carried out an online poll in 2008 in which 1400 people across 60 countries took part. Twenty percent people responded in the affirmative about using cognitive enhancement drugs like modafinil, Ritalin, and beta blockers for stimulating the focus, memory, or concentration.

In another study carried out in 2015 on German workers in a health insurance company revealed that out of 5000 workers covered by the survey, 6.7 % used some performance-enhancing drugs to cope with anxiety and improve performance. The figure for 2009 was only 4.7% for the same study. The actual number of people using smart drugs is even higher because many people are reluctant to disclose its use.

Favorite among students

Nootropics are a favorite among academics and University students who assign three reasons for using it. They admit that cognitive enhancers help to gain the competitive advantage and are excellent in overcoming jet lag effects besides allowing staying awake and alert for an extended period so that they can perform at peak level even without sleeping. It also increases the motivation to work more.

Best Smart Drugs that Make You Smarter : Nootropics & Modafinil
Best Smart Drugs that Make You Smarter : Nootropics & Modafinil

The claims made by the students find support in the results of laboratory tests carried out to determine the cognitive enhancing effects of smart drugs. Studies carried out with methylphenidate, and modafinil shows an improvement in a variety of cognitive functions. The drugs remarkably improved concentration that translates into sustained attention, improved memory, as well as problem-solving and planning. In addition, modafinil enhances motivation that helps to derive task related pleasure.

The drug effects on students

Students have to encounter enormous stress not from exams alone but never before it had been as unmanageable as today. The vast syllabus that students have to cover together with projects, assessments, etc. have resulted in the stress creating panic among students who do not know the ways of coping with it. The challenge seems insurmountable if they have to depend on their capabilities which are just not sufficient no matter how much talent he or she may be. With the help of drugs, students can work round the clock and perform at higher levels that they could not think of ever doing it on their own.

Not for everyday jobs only

The use of smart drugs is not confined only among people desirous of performing their daily tasks in a better way but also extends to professionals and other members of our society. Cognitive enhancers like modafinil can turn lifesavers for military and those working in air traffic control as well as doctors. Studies carried out on doctors have shown that despite being sleep deprived they benefit from using modafinil in situations that require flexible thinking, efficient information processing and quick decision making under time pressure.  Interestingly, the side effects are pretty low in the studies. Despite the positivity of the studies carried out on a small group of people, there is a need to carry out wide-scale studies that could truly reflect the results with parity to the extensive use of smart drugs. It would help to determine the long-term effects concerning the efficacy and safety of drugs.

Games can stimulate brains

It will be a mistake to think that smart drugs are the only effective means of stimulating brains by enhancing cognitive abilities. Recently, there has been a trend of using brain training games capable of boosting brain powers.  There is clear evidence available that shows the scientific data to prove that a game could effectively improve the memory of schizophrenic patients.

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