Data Storage in DNA becomes a reality

Data storage in DNA becomes a reality
Data storage in DNA becomes a reality

Data storage in DNA is revolutionary development of 21 centenary. From the first day of human discoveries are major part of every day life. From burn the fire till steps on other planets or revealing  the secrets of deep see till the discovering the Galaxy all are the great achievement in the history of Science. For all these man collect data and saved it in different ways. he started to save it by writing on the leaf but day by day he open new doors of inventions and turn it in CDs, DVDs, Hard disks and many more. This process is continued from many decades and will be continued. Scientist and researchers are trying to modify it day and night but still it is not sure to safe it for long term.

New discoveries lead the man to think about using DNA as Data storage Device .This idea is several decades old but modified now. Harvard and European researchers showed that progress in modern DNA manipulation method can make it possible to apply in practical. DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid  firstly invented by  Friedrich Miescher in 1869, a self replicating thread like  material which is present in all living organisms as the major constituent of chromosome that are carriers of genetic informations that are used in the growth development, functioning and reproduction. The two strands ( thread like) structure are called Polynucleotides made up of monomers unit called nucleotides. Each nucleotides is made up of Cytosine,(C) and Guanine (G),Adenine(A) and Thymine (T) joined together in the form covalent bond.

Data Storage in DNA
Data Storage in DNA


How Data Storage in DNA Works?

DNA strand can carry data in the form of sequence of digital code as like computer programming. Reading of DNA is very easy just run a sequencer and then decode it. On the other hand Synthesising DNA can be messy because of its molecules formations.

Mr Erlich and his team came with a solution of solving the DNA reading problem. They made an algorithmic solution as like Sudoku puzzle. In Sudoku, You can still solve the puzzle even if you forget some hints. They have saved around 215 petabytes of storage in 1 gram of DNA and read it back. 1 petabyte is equivalent to around 1000bn pages of plain text.


Cost of Data Storage in DNA

Nowadays cost of DNA storage is still very high and that is main obstacle. On the other hand DNA sequences reading is very cheap but writing storage on DNA is very expensive. Twist Bio-science charges around 10 cent per DNA base and storing 12mb of data on DNA costs around $100,000.

Ms Leproust’s company uses 3D printing techniques to write DNA to overcome the cost. She says “We believe that we have a road map to be able lower the cost of DNA (synthesis) by a millionfold,”.

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