Types of Mental Disorder

Types of Mental Disorder

As in modern age new inventions facilitate the man but also increased the rate of sickness. Research states that one of every four humans being are diagnosed with higher degree mental disorder. 50% of these are younger. It was stated by Diagnostic and statistical manual of Mental Disorder that mental disorder is characterised by clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotion or behaviour that indicates disorder in psychological and biological mental functioning process. Mental illness is a wide range of metal health conditions that affect your mood, thinking and behaviour.

The ratio of mental illness is higher than past. As in past people were working more but mentally they were stable but in the race of money and wealth to get more and more facilitation, man is forgetting or ignoring his own health that is more important than anything else. A rushed and hustle life pushed the people in the danger of mental disorder. Even many superstitious thoughts and concept also lead to mental disorder for example if someone likes to wear black dress as he loves black colour, he will be entitled as depressed. Personal likes dislikes and habits may be associated with mental disease. Sleeping late at night, studying, watching a movie or TV or reading horror novels does not mean that anyone has psychological mood disorder. People are pinned with this title just because of society’s norms not in reality

People with the belief that mental disorders do not actually exist are also wrong as the psychological illnesses are proved as a better truth. Mantel disorder like obsessive-compulsive disorder, Down’s syndrome, depression, autism and/or antisocial personality disorder are living proof in many peoples who require the extra care and treatment. Medically metal illness is proved and many of them are treatable. Few of mental disorder are below.



Depression is a long lasting feeling of hopeless, despairing, disappointment, guilty, unmotivated, worthless and exhausted that effect everyday life badly. You can be driven to self-esteem, sleep, appetite and low physical health. Initially you will feel harder to face daily life routine or feel too much obstacles but at its most severe condition can lead you to think about suicide.


In females some types are commonly occurring during or after pregnancy or can be seasonal affective disorder.

Anxiety problems

Anxiety is the situations of feeling when someone is worried or afraid about something that is going to happen or may be happen in future. It is very common and controllable experienced by human beings but if feelings are strong than it can be overwhelming the common symptoms are sleep problems and panic attack. Few types of anxiety are GAD (generalised anxiety), PTSD (panic disorder stress disorder) or can be without any specific symbolized.



A phobia can be driven from extreme fear or high degree of anxiety trigged by a situation and mapped on mind. Fear turned into Phobia and can have severe effect on your live 6 months or more than that.


Eating problems

Eating problems are also a type of mental disorder. These are not only about food but also about difficult things and painful feelings. When you feel hard or impossible to face any problem, you can have eating problem. The concept of overeating is not just about gaining weight but also associated with a specific eating problem like anorexia, binge eating and other eating disorder or feeding disorders.



The question about Schizophrenia is still under discussion that it’s really a distinct condition or few condition that overlap. But it can be diagnosed if you observe the symptoms of delusions, disorganized thinking and speech, dis-connectivity with feelings, concentration problem, wanted to be alone, lack of interest and self-carelessness.



Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

It is a type of anxiety disorder. The OCD is misused in daily communication as if someone wants everything neat and clean, he will be banned as OCD patient but in reality it is totally different and complex. It has two major parts

Obsession: a condition of mind when it is leading repeatedly towards thoughts, worries, urges and doubts.

Compulsion: doing repetitive activities to reduce the anxiety caused by the obsession.


Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder called manic depression mainly affects your mood. Everyone has variation in mood according to the time and situation but bipolar disorder is the severe condition that can be felt by anyone easily. It can impact your daily life badly.


Personality disorders

Personality disorder can affect your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and can cause longstanding problems in your life. There are many different categories and types of personality disorder, but people who are diagnosed with this cannot be kept in any specific type as it sounds very judgemental.

If you have this diagnosis it doesn’t mean that you’re different from other people but you may regularly experience difficulties to cope up with your own thoughts and daily life.


Autism refers to the conditions characterised by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech and nonverbal communication, and unique strengths and differences. It is of many types can be influenced by genetically. It can be mostly identified in the kids after 2 to 3 years. People having higher degree of Autism can be identified different in their group. They can perform the activities but in low range.

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