What will be Barcelona Club’s Future?

Barcelona Club

Barcelona Club is always bias in the matter of Catalonia’s freedom which is situated in Spain. Club has shown support for next freedom referendum for Catalonia.  Madrid’s Central government has declared  illegal.

Central government has ordered to arrest and seized all the referendum equipment. Due to that reason, Barcelona club can be removed from the best football club list. Barcelona has won with 95 matches and Madrid only has won 91 matches.

Future of Barcelona
Future of Barcelona

Barcelona’s head of department says that they are not politicize club and they do not have to give any suggestion about Catalonia’s freedom because Catalonia’s freedom is political issue. They also do not have any answer about after Catalonia’s freedom where they gonna play.

Despite, in 2014 Barcelona contributed in Catalonia’s freedom and they joined many meeting and events of freedom bias political parties.

On Wednesday, when central government was arresting, Barcelona gave a clear political statement about Catalonia’s freedom and they said that their statement was for protection of freedom of speech.

In next few weeks, Barcelona can join and play with any club. Even after Barcelona’s freedom, Spain’s people still likes and wants competitive football matches.

In the start of this month, Vice President Carlos Walarbi said that they will play for Spain and supporters of Barcelona club do not support th Catalonia’s freedom.


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